Yes, course material will be provided for the training. The materials are being finalized with the 2023 content.

Tax filing knowledge, integrity, able to work of tax software’s and good customer service.

No, you don’t need to be a CPA to file taxes for your clients. All you need is the confidence and willingness to help your client and of course, integrity is a must.

As mentioned previously, you do not need to have any qualifications to file your clients’ taxes.

Our 4-day tax training course is face-to-face and live at a hotel conference room. We thought it is better to have the course face-to-face than the virtual training so that we can meet the attendees and answer any questions relating to the tax course/business.

Well, yes and no. It is important that you attend all 4 days unless something emergencies happen. After all you are attending to learn how to do a tax business. You do not want to miss anything. Imagine you going for a movie and missing the climax scene.

If you need to miss one of the days due to some personal family matter, you may contact one of the attendees in your class and gather their notes. You can certainly contact the Trainer/Instructor and see how they can help you to gain the missed portion.

Our 4-day personal tax course is $399+HST = $450.87.

If you are doing the tax business, the course fees are treated as a business expense and therefore deductible. However, if you are attending the course just to learn and file your own and family taxes, the expense in that scenario is not deductible.

There is no tax credit certificate (T2202) issued for this course. This course is a commercial transaction unlike a course in a college or a university. However, if you are doing a Business, the fees paid is a deductible tax expense.

Unfortunately, there are no meals provided during the 4 days training. We all love eating. We have kept the course fees to the bare minimum just to cover our course materials, hotel conference room charges and our office administrative charges. Providing Tea/Coffee/Meals will substantially increase the training costs. We wanted to accommodate every person to comfortably attend the trainings at the bare minimum costs.

This course if purely a Personal/Individual Tax training course. Corporate Tax Course is an entirely a different course on its own. We will be launching the Corporate Tax course shortly. We are in the process of finalizing the course materials and the course fees for the Corporate Tax course.

We will consider offering alumni discounts to the attendees of our corporate tax Course or any other course to all those who people who are attending/attended the Personal/Individual Tax course.

It is an individual choice whether to incorporate or not. However, we would prefer you to incorporate the corporation to avoid personal legal issues. The incorporation of a company will be discussed in the classroom.

The trainer/instructor Mr. Hari Iyer, who is a highly qualified professional from India. He was the CFO of a multinational investment banking company before coming to Canada. Mr. Hari Iyer has been serving clients with bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes for over 17 years in Canada.

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